iPad vs Android Tablets

Does it really make any difference whether you have an iPad or an Android tablet when playing an online casino? No, not to you it doesn’t although the casino software writers need to know. The casino software is not an App as such and is therefore not controlled by Apple and of course the Android software is in any event what is known as an open source operating system making it much easier to have Apps available. The computer tablet is not as new as some would have us believe but it was in 2010 that the release of the iPad made everybody sit up and pay attention to the possibilities it offered in terms of portability and capability although the software was basically the same as the iPhone which had already gained massive popularity. As with anything in the hi tech field it seems difficult to keep any sort of advantage for long and sure enough Google were quick to react with the Android software which was in turn quickly picked up in the Motorola Xoom. Both types of tablet offer the same features of a touch screen which is ideal for playing games such as the IPad casino and in fact if ignoring the brand name it could be difficult to tell the two apart. The major difference of course is that only Apple tablets use the Apple software whereas the Google software is available for all so there are more models of tablet using the Google software than iPad software but who has the most sales is a question for the marketing experts and staticians. What makes the iPad attractive to some over and above Android systems is the number of Apps which are available but for an online casino it makes no difference.

The question of which is better, Android or iPad is going to keep people busy for a long time and there is probably no answer that everybody agrees with but for online casinos you are probably looking for screen size and resolution and Android currently has a slight advantage bit whether you will actually notice any difference unless you put the two next to each other is debateable. On the other hand most reports would suggest that the iPad has a better battery life than the Androids but as there are only two Apple products and a number of Android products it again makes comparison very difficult. If you happen to be a software developer, which is unlikely if you are reading this as you will already know everything contained here and more besides, the Android system is much more friendly for Apps as all iPad apps have to be approved by Apple and as they make their own rules they have absolute control. This should in theory encourage Apps developers to concentrate on Android but it does not seem to have worked so far.

Other things that may make your mind up about whether to buy Android or iPad is price and appearance and as far as price is concerned the Apple will nearly always be more expensive but appearance is very much a personal choice as is the importance of weight. A new entry into the market comes from Microsoft in the form of the Surface and Surface Pro but it remains to be seen how Windows 8 can be combined successfully. What is sure is that the lack of an “Office” suite is what is stopping people from replacing the PC with a tablet but it is probably not far away. As far as the online casino and their games is concerned that you can play via your tablet whether that be an iPad or an Android powered device it will make no difference so choose your tablet and enjoy your casino time and above all make some money.