Problems Flash and Ipad

As most iPad users will have discovered by now, iPads do not support Flash and as all online casino software which is not download id Flash you may well ask how that is going to work. There are of course ways around the problem by using a jailbreak which will get you Flash on your Ipad tablet but that is quite a dangerous thing to do as you will lose all support from Apple should anything go wrong with your iPad and anyway we have not yet found a jailbreak for Ipad2 so the answer is to use casino software that is specifically written for an ipad casino in HTML5. If you have one of the other tablets that uses Android then you can also use Flash so no problem.

HTML5 as the name suggests is the 5th version of HTML which was originally launched in 1990 and is an alternative to Flash which was developed by Macromedia and later sold to Adobe. The arguments about which is better go on and on and are likely to go on a lot longer yet but there are a couple of important things in the arguments. Firstly it is fact that Steve Jobs ( ex CEO of Apple) declared in 2010 that “Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of web content” going on to say “new open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win.” That was a pretty categorical statement and accounts for why Apple iPads do not support Flash. The HTML was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium and is without doubt a more flexible tool for programmers although that is unlikely to bother most readers of these pages who are more interested in playing casino using an iPad. Flash however is not going to go away quickly as many people rely on it for online games including Facebook and You Tube content.

Adobe is not keen to take Job’s advice but are still busy developing new tools that work in the browser rather than being plugins like Flash. The most recent of these is Edge Animate but all the techies seem to agree that it is still nowhere near as good as Flash but this is very unlikely to have any effect on your iPad casino experience which is the good thing. There are also those who believe that mobile browsers are for information and not for playing games and therefore that Flash is not needed on a mobile but we see nothing else on trains and boats and planes than people playing games on their iPad and passing the time away and this will only increase once online casinos have got their act together and offer HTML casinos written specifically for the Ipad.

In conclusion Flash still has an edge in terms of gaming software but we are talking complicated games here; online casino software in terms of graphics complexity are relatively simple so the iPad casino software written in HTML should be good enough to enjoy most Ipad slot games including what seem to be complicated slots which after all are only a series of static pictures. The occasional video slot has moving pictures when certain jackpot or free spins levels are reached but as long as the slot pays out the winnings it may be possible to forego the luxury of a moving picture.