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Welcome to ipadcasino.ie your specialist Irish portal for online casino play using an iPad™. You may not have reached this site using an iPad but you obviously are at least investigating the possibilities that online casinos offer and ipadcasino.ie is pleased to be able to help. The important thing when choosing an online casino for an iPad is to know that you are playing in a safe environment and that the casino games are fair and by choosing one of those recommended on this site which ipadcasino.ie considers the best of the bunch.As the world moves on so do advances in technology and in the casino sector we have advanced from having to attend a land based casino to online casinos where we can sit at home and play away to our hearts content. Then we have the mobile phone which provides great opportunities for online gambling but in reality is too small to get full enjoyment from an online casino experience but on the other hand the iPad™ has the perfect technology for casino enjoyment with a large enough screen to appreciate the advanced graphics and touch screen technology for accurate and fast game play and ipadcasino.ie can help you find the best casino operators who have the technology for ipad casino enjoyment.Ipadcasino.ie has a full page covering the casino games that are available on an iPad but basically they are Roulette, Blackjack and various slots and you may even find Bingo although that is not a true bingo game with other players but more of a Keno game. The convenience of ipad casino cannot be overstated as you can play everywhere and anywhere in a spare minute or two so you no longer need to wait until you get home or you do not need to use your company computer in your lunch break. Also there is no decision to be made about watching TV or playing online casino on your PC as you can now do both; it is a lot easier to play with an iPad than with a PC balanced on your lap.

Ipad casinos are in their infancy with possibly many more providers set to join the fun in the future so where possible ipadcasino.ie will asses those online casinos and either add to them to the recommended list or not although it will never be the intention to list every provider but simply to concentrate on the best. We will also attempt to keep you up to date with new developments and news as it happens by publishing articles on the site.

If you are completely new to online casinos a look at onlinecasino.ie is recommended as you will find descriptions of many of the casino games that are available and many tips about which casino deposit methods to use which will be as applicable to ipad casino as to any other online casino medium. The deposit method can be more important than you think as there can be charges applied to certain deposit methods and of course you should also consider how easy it is to make a withdrawal of your winnings. An important thing to remember however is that every casino has what is known as an edge which means that the casino odds are always slightly in their favour which is of course how they manage to exist and it also means that over the long term the casino will win. For example a single number bet on a roulette wheel pays out at odds of 35:1 but as there are 37 numbers on the board your chances of winning are one in 37. This does not mean however that the online casino will win every time for every player, it is very possible to be one of those lucky players that over a period of time shows a profit and f you are lucky enough to win one of the enormous progressive jackpots that are available on ipad casino it may change your life forever as they run regularly into the millions of Euro.

Not all casino slot games are progressive jackpot games although most will have a jackpot of some description; the difference is that progressive jackpot games are linked to several different online casinos by the casino software supplier which means that all those casinos are contributing to the jackpot enabling it to build up much faster. Playing at a casino using your iPad is going to grow in popularity and more and more players will join in the fun and there will undoubtedly be a few unscrupulous casino operators who offer their services but by sticking with the online casinos listed here at ipadcasino.ie you can be confident of playing in a safe and fair environment as the operators will be correctly licensed.