Ipad Roulette

The iPad evolution has meant that it has become an excellent medium for having a little flutter at any time and one of the easiest iPad casino games to play is iPad Roulette. With touchscreen technology it has become much easier to place your bets and also the screen is big enough to watch the ball dropping into the winning slot which is often not the case on an iPhone. There has been discussion about iPad versus Android tablets but in the opinion of www.ipadcasino.ie roulette is best played on iPad even though it requires a download of the casino software due to the problems Flash and iPad. The graphics seem to better on the download version and once downloaded it becomes very quick to have a few spins of the wheel.

There are three types of iPad roulette games available although the French and European roulette games are the same except that the table layout for placing bets is slightly different although that does not affect where you can place bets. For Irish casino players the best option would appear to be European Roulette. If American Roulette is offered at your chosen iPad casino the recommendation would be not to use it and the reason is simple. In European roulette there are 36 numbers and one zero on the roulette wheel whereas in American roulette there are 36 numbers and two zeros (0 and00). This would not be a disadvantage if the odds paid for a win were different but unfortunately they are the same so in European iPad roulette you have a one in 37 chances of winning but in American roulette only a one in 38 chance of winning.

The focus will therefore be on European iPad roulette. There are a great many different bets which can be placed when playing iPad roulette and you can combine any number of them together in one spin if you so wish and it is this flexibility which the casino game such great fun. To start with, of the 36 numbers, 18 are red and 18 are black and 18 are odd numbers and 18 are even numbers which enables bets to be placed on what are called even money bets so by placing your bet on the black segment at the side of the table (called outside bets) you are in effect placing a bet on all 18 black numbers and if any one of them comes up then you win. The same applies to bets on red or odd or even but note that whilst the winning odds are 1:1 meaning that a winning bet doubles your money should the ball drop into the “zero” slot then these bets will lose.

Also considered outside bets on iPad roulette are the 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36 bets and with these bets you are backing 12 numbers in each case or of course you could place bets on two of these segments if you so wish. Additionally there are at the bottom of the iPad roulette table three places where you can place a bet on a column of numbers and with each column containing 12 numbers these are also 12 number bets. A player can place multiple bets on any combination of columns or numbers. These bets pay out at odds of 2:1 but again please note that a zero means that these bets will lose.

Moving on to the inside bets at iPad casino is where the possible combinations get very difficult to cover them all but the most obvious and most used bet is the single number bet where your chip or chips are placed on a single number in the centre of the numbered square. These are the best paid bets at odds of 35:1 and of course you can place as many single number bets on one spin of the wheel as you like. If you like two adjacent numbers then you can place a single bet on the line dividing the two numbers and if either comes up you win at odds of 17:1 or you could also place your bets on both numbers individually but the result is the same. If you wish to back four numbers at the iPad casino game you can place your chip or chips on the corner between the four numbers and a win will pay at odds of 8:1.

Other bets at iPad roulette include betting on a single row of three numbers which pays at 12:1 or on two adjacent rows which pays at 6:1. The good thing about iPad roulette is that there are no good bets or bad bets meaning that the odds paid are according to the number of numbers backed whether you bet on them individually or in groups so unless you have lucky numbers most people will simply spread their bets around and hope for luck to play its part.