Ipad Slots

Of all the iPad casino games that are available probably the greatest choice can be found in the iPad slots section. Slots is really a generic term and many online casinos will separate out video slots and casino slots but they are really all very similar and with the iPad evolution both can be played with ease. A slot machine used to be a mechanical device that required pulling a handle which would make playing iPad slots very difficult but fortunately electronics have taken over even at a regular online casino so all slots are electronically controlled using what are known as random number generators. IPad slots can be broken down into two major categories which are three reel slots and five reel slots with the five reel slots providing a larger number of winning lines than the three reel slots but you will need to download the free software due to the fact that instant versions of online casinos use flash and we all know about the problems flash and iPad.

The great thing about the iPad evolution is that the graphics and sounds which come with Ipad slots can be truly represented making for maximum enjoyment and for maximum choice of slot games. Some casino software suppliers are a little slow to convert all their casino slot games into a format which can be used on the Ipad which means that new games are appearing all the time so when you select your preferred Ipad casino supplier take a good look at the choice of casino slots but as new ones are being added on a weekly basis don’t let this be your determining factor when making your selection; it is much better to be with a trusted name that is properly licensed which is why this site makes a few recommendations for you.

iPad casino slots now have symbols of your favourite movie characters as well as the standard fruit symbols and playing cards and the accompanying music is often sound tracks from the movie or similar so that you can really get into the spirit of the game. All casino slots are a question of luck, there is no skill involved despite what some players would have you believe and the other interesting thing is that with random number generators just because a jackpot or large win has just fallen does not mean that another cannot fall very closely behind. Maximum wins on iPad slots are generally achieved when wilds, free spins or bonus rounds are triggered so when looking at a new slot always take a look at the pay table which describes which symbols are required on which reels to trigger the various bonuses.

When playing iPad slots you will also have a choice of how much to play per line and how many lines to play. Most if not all iPad slots have a minimum and a maximum stake per line and the winnings are expressed as a multiple of that stake so if you are playing €1 per line and you win 100 credits you have effectively won €100 but if you were playing only €0.10 per line you would have won only €10. Be aware that the very large jackpots and many of the smaller jackpots can only be won when playing the maximum amount per line but that does not mean that you must also play the maximum number of lines. Some iPad slots can have over 100 winning lines so your stake per spin is the stake per line times the number of lines so a stake per line of €0.10 and playing 100 lines means a total stake of €10 per spin so you can adjust your stake per spin in two ways. The jackpots can be won even if you are playing one line only as long as you are playing the maximum per line.

There are so many iPad slots that it is impossible to look at them in detail so it is recommended that you go to free play to try out an Ipad slots for the first time to see whether you like it or not. Free play can be found at most iPad casinos although it is easier at some than others. You may also find that a particular iPad slot is available at more than one Ipad casino and this is because the casinos are using the same casino software. Casino software for iPad casinos is a specialized business so casino providers do not write their own software but instead leave it to specialized companies such as NetEnt or MIcrogaming but of course there are others as well.