Ipad Blackjack

Recent progression in iPad evolution means that there are a number of iPad casino games that can be played when you have a few minutes spare and one of the most popular is iPad Blackjack which is no different from the standard blackjack played in online casinos everywhere although each of them have some alternatives to make the game more interesting. iPad blackjack uses multiple decks of 52 cards which are shuffled at regular intervals thus making it virtually pointless to count cards but the advantage is that you can drop in and out of iPad Blackjack and you have missed nothing. There are a number of different strategies that various people will make us believe you can always win but the truth is that the house has an edge and whilst you can play on statistics to improve your chances, luck still plays a major role.

The basics of iPad blackjack are simple, you win by having a hand which is greater in value than the dealers hand without being more than 21. All picture cards (Jack, Queen, King) count 10 points and all other cards count their face value with the exception of an Ace which can count as One or Eleven according to the players choice. The player is dealt two cards and the dealer is dealt two cards although as a player you can only see one f the dealers cards. The dealer at iPad casino blackjack can see the players cards but this is no advantage as the dealer has to stick to strict rules when playing their own hand. Having seen the first two cards the player must decide whether to stand or to take an additional card. There are a number of combinations where most players will need no thought about what to do so for example if your two cards add up to 17 or more you will not take another card. This is because even at 17 there are only 4 cards from the 13 which will improve your hand without going over 21 which means that you lose. At the other end of the scale if the two cards add up to eleven or less then you are automatically going to take another card which will improve your hand without any chance of going bust. There are however some important things to look out for when playing Blackjack on the iPad or anywhere else for that matter.

You can improve your chances of winning at iPad blackjack by paying attention both to cards which have already been played and to the face up card of the dealer although as previously stated online casinos used to play iPad casino shuffle frequently. Paying attention to what the dealer has may help you to decide what to do with your own hand. The dealer in iPad blackjack will always draw a card when the total is 16 or less so a face up 6 in the dealers hand is as weak as it gets because there is a good chance that the total of the two cards will be between 12 and 16 which in turn means that there is a good chance that the dealer will bust and if you are still in the game you will win no matter what the total of your two cards is.

One of the most inaccurate sayings for iPad blackjack is that the idea of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 without busting. This is inaccurate because you can win with a hand that is nowhere near 21 as long as the dealer goes bust so the idea of the game is to beat the dealer.

As you will know there are problems with flash and iPad which as far as iPad casino blackjack is concerned means that whereas on your PC you have the choice of playing online casino in flash mode or download mode iPad blackjack can only be played having downloaded the software but as this doesn’t take long it is no real hardship. By following some simple guidelines and paying attention to the dealers card it is quite possible to win at iPad blackjack.